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Making our jobs easier!

Not only  pool equipment but in Irrigation systems, or homes, we just know, we have to cut that PVC Pipe, to replace that one coupling, that cracks, or leaks.  Its been that way for years.

I've changed many in my yard, and saw that on pool equipment, most fittings are glued.  Take a look!  Its not user friendly!  How many pools are out there, that are built this way, and will need a coupling replaced?  Well we are making it easier. This 2-Piece coupling goes on in just a minute.  I've had one on my pool for a year, and its still there.  Think about the time you save, not being on your knees, cutting and gluing pipe together.  MORE time, for other jobs. I have a box full of couplings that I would like to adapt to my 2-piece design.   I had a Pool supply store in Arizona, give me a handful  of couplings, they want changed, as soon as I can.  When they saw mine, They shook their heads and smiled, and told me they've been cutting pipe for years, hoping someday, this would happen.  They shook my hand, and said "Thank you"  "The pool industry has not listened to us!"  Think how many pools are out there, and how many couplings are failing. So I'm on a journey to make everyone's job easier. Once you put it on, you will smile, like I did, when it goes on.  I am looking at using this design in other applications.

Farm and Ranch folks want it. Irrigation around the home. Some Electrical companies use PVC conduit.

  I'll keep working to get them done. 

Scroll through the Pictures Below, you will get the idea! Left Picture is On Pentair Equipment, then Hayward. Third picture is the OLD coupler being taken off by breaking.  Then the new white coupler installed.

Patent is Pending.

2-Piece coupler- installed
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