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" The Most Innovative Product of the year in 2021"

    My Praher 2"   coupling is now in stock.    Thanks for all the calls, but I do have them!  Click on the SHOP button at top of the page.

     I now have some videos on You Tube.  MikeysQuickCoupler.  Check out the review from Superior Pool In Phoenix. 

The Salt-Cell union is still selling fast.   I Now, have  The 2" J- Caretaker union- in stock.  The Praher 2" union, is now in stock.  The Pentair Back-wash valve union is in stock.  I am Almost done with the Hayward Backwash valve, its getting close.  (testing now)   I also,  have Aqua-cell Auto Pilot proto-type done.  Jandy is also close.  I am looking  at building More, Couplings for HOT-TUB use. There are many different Brands and sizes, but we are looking .  I have some Hot Tub repair guys using them already.   

     Thanks again for all the support.

  You can, order on my website here, under SHOP.   Check me out on Instagram and Facebook.

 Replace your old coupling without cutting your pipe!  This 2- piece coupling can be put in place in minutes!     ( takes longer to break/cut old one off! )

We are also building different sizes, with Different threads. Let me know what your needs are.  This  coupling  Fits Pentair and Hayward Salt Cells.   I  have been given many, other couplings from repair guys and Pool Supply stores, they want built, with my design.


on You-Tube.

 I have Couplings being used now, from Florida, too Hawaii, and into Canada.

My salt cell Coupling has been a big hit, that fits the Pentair AND Hayward cell.  

  I have many proto-types built, and some close to production.


PATENT  PENDING  In the U.S.  and Canada

I have been asked by many pool repair , plumbers, and Hot-Tub Pro's,  to build other sizes. Ill keep after it.

 Check us out on Instagram- Facebook.

and You-Tube.

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