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Most Innovative Product Award in Pool Industry 2021

Patents in the U.S. and Canada

Upgraded my original to the PHSLT2.

Working on a new coupler
to fit the Pentair Super-flo
Hoping to have it out by end of July.  My 3D printed test version, has been working well for 3 months. 



about kw 1/2
Image by Artem Militonian


Building 2- piece couplers for Pool and hot tub repair. No cutting or replumbing pipe. Makes that repair quick and easy.

  In 2019 I broke my union on my Pentair IC-40.  I looked, and realized, it was going to be a big job to replace it, and  2 hrs later, my pool guy finished and it was $380.00. 

  I told him that was the last time, we would do that.  Next few weeks I figured a way to make a 2-piece, and I found a CAD engineer to help me.  In Dec. of 2019, I put my first one on, and it is still on today.  IN 2021 - My union, was voted Most innovative in the Pool Industry, and it has grown from there.  I continue making more sizes.   I have 4 Patents and sell all over North America.

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