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Don't  spend your time cutting pipe and replumbing!  Replace that cracked nut in minutes!

I make 2-piece couplers to fit Salt Chlorinators for Pools and 6 other sizes now for different applicatons.  We have many files ready to develop and build.

I  make couplers that goes on quick and easy and  It goes on in a minute without cutting or replumbing. Takes longer to break/cut the old one off!    I am making other sizes, for different applications.  I get requests from repair folks to build more, so I will keep after it!     THE H-200 and the H-3200 Now  in stock.  Getting requests for more JANDY couplers, and the CMP Cap.

 I do have the Patent on this design and I am working on requests from Hot-Tub repair folks to build more for them. 


 I have a few videos on You-Tube and I'm also on Instagram and Facebook.


Hey !! Be sure and check out POOL -Nation Podcasts.  They are great guys

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Pretty neat tool that will help you out!

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO !  He will install at the end of the video.  No-Cutting or replumbing!



  U.S. Patent No. 11,384,873

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