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FYI-  The threads on the brand NEW  IC40's have changed!  Sometime during 2023 there was a change.  MY Mold has not changed since I built it in 2019.   So if your Chlorinator is a 2023 or newer, this may not fit.    We are working on this!!!! Should have another one out soon.

      This  coupling replaces the cracked/broken couplings on either end of your Intellichlor, or Hayward Salt Cells.   Fits the new, Paramount UV2- UV Sanitizer also.  This is also being used on Hot-Tub equipment. There are many Hot-Tub companies, I can't guarantee it fits your hot- tub. It does fit the Dura-jet pump. Check out the pictures on Home page.  It WILL make you smile when it goes on in seconds.  

  Do not use on the older Hayward Turbo-Cell 15 'GOLD LINE'  some have different threads. We have found different Threads also on the older Gold Line Turbo T-9 in the Florida area.  NOT working on The Hayward Goldline Turbo-Cell T-cell 3.

Only Hand-Tighten these couplings.  A wrench will damage the plastic.

Fits Pentair and Hayward Salt Cells and some hot tub pumps.

    • This 2-Piece coupling goes in in a minute.  DONT CUT YOUR PIPE, to replace those cracked couplings, that split and leak.  This saves you time and money. Get on to your other jobs!

    • I will ship as quickly as I can.  I do have many calls, but I will do my best to stay ahead, and keep inventory.  

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